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Prevent users from accessing Site Settings application page

Just this week, I accidentally found out that users were able to access Site Settings page, with some sections open out publicly accessible, for example the Regional Settings column! This raise a security threat as we don’t want users to be able to touch these settings. After much digging, I realised it’s because one custom permission that was created for the users have “Browser Directories” permission checked. Once this is unchecked, then they are denied from accessing the setting page.

Fix for Firefox opens Office files with data connectivity

Sharepoint is a product developed only for Internet Explorer, and all non-IE users would probably hate Sharepoint, as there are lots of incompatible functions missing out. Recently I found out that non-IE browsers such as Firefox and Chrome are not able to edit Office files directly when clicking on the file link. The data connectivity would not exist because the browser would simply download the file into local folder.

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How to customise Sharepoint Alert Email Template

Sharepoint allows users to setup email alerts on any change or adding to a list or libraries. However, the management of the email alert template can be pretty limiting as many users like to know if it’s possible to customize the email alert templates that get sent out by Sharepoint.

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Restricting People Picker to single site collection

Typically, users that are already added to a site collection are displayed in the People Picker. This prevents anyone from using the People Picker to browse a different user directory. However, in a hosting scenario, you do not want end users to be able to search users from Active Directory; you only want the end users be able to search users that are already in the site collection.

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User Profile in People Picker Not In Sync with Active Directory

User profile management can be a nightmare in Sharepoint 2010 when some users reporting their job title or email address appearing incorrectly in People Picker search tool. This seems to vary if they search on Last name or First name. Depending on the situation, People Picker returns either the correct, up to date profile information or the out of date.

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How to customise own theme in Sharepoint 2010

I had been customising Sharepoing theme lately in 2010 version, and i have to say it’s not very fun, mainly due to lack of documentation online and a big change in UI elements comparing to version 2007.

Sharepoint 2010 allows you to optionally upgrade your UI to version 4, which is the new 2010 version or stays as version 3, which uses the 2007 style packages. What was good with 2007’s was that the style packages actually exist in the 12 hives folder, meaning you could actually go and open up the stylesheets and work from there. However with version 4, things turn ugly. Microsoft used the Office theme package (.thmx) to do its styling in Sharepoint.

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