How to import Custom AD Attributes into Sharepoint User Profile?

A lot of times, organisations have custom attributes in their Active Directory user profile. However, by default the user profile sync happening between Sharepoint and AD does not include these custom properties, such as EmployeeID. Hence, we can’t retrieve these properties in Infopath.

It’s actually quite easy to do so. All we need to do is to add these custom properties in the User Properties Mapping:

Go to Central Administration -> Manage Service Applications.

Click on User Profile Service Application, click Manage on the top bar. Manage User Properties. This page lists all the attributes that gets imported into Sharepoint user profile. If the attribute you’re looking to add doesn’t appear here, then you’d need to add it manually.

Click New Property, and add the attribute here. Make sure you’ve chosen the right Attribute to import under “Add New Mapping” section.

Once done, go back to user Profile Service Application index page, click “Start Profile Synchroziation” -> Full Sync. Give it a 10-15 minutes, it should sync with AD.

Once it’s done, you will be able to use the new imported attributes in Sharepoint user profile.