Integrating Ajax into Sharepoint 2007

Recently, I had the chance to play around with ajaxifying Sharepoint server. As you would have probably known, Ajax is a great feature in .NET 3.5 but MOSS 2007 was shipped before Ajax was out. So, to use it, we just need some configurations done. There are a lot of articles on the Internet about how to archieve this, but the very best and well explained one can be found at Mike Ammerlaan’s blog: Integrating ASP.NET AJAX with SharePoint.

After configuring the web.config and adding in scriptmanager in master page, I had a problem of Sharepoint complaining the error:

“the base class includes the field ‘updatepanel1’, but its type (system.web.ui.updatepanel)
is not compatible with the type of control (system.web.ui.updatepanel)”

The solution was to check the version of System.Web.Extension in Visual Studio is the same as the version added in web.config. After replacing all 1.0.61025 version in web.config with, everything works brilliantly! Now I can create dynamic ajax form now! 🙂

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