Tools to get started on Sharepoint Development

I have been digging into SharePoint for awhile now and it seems to be more and more interesting and challenging, considering I already have experiences with so many different Content Management Systems. Suprisingly, SharePoint seems to work very similar to Helium, so that eased my process of going in and out of Sharepoint.

Here’s a list of tools to be installed first before any further development can proceed:

VMWare/ Windows Server 2003

Because Sharepoint can only run on Windows Server 2003, unless you have it installed on your machine, otherwise the alternative way would be to install a VMWare Server or Microsoft Virtual PC with Windows Server 2003 running on it. I have been using VMWareand it seems to work without any problem. Plus VMWare is free. However, you’d need to have Windows 2003 installation disk.

Sharepoint Designer, Visual Studio 2008

What comes with Sharepoint is a set of GUI administrative tools that allows administrators of the site to configure just about any kind of data structure one wants. While that is useful, developers might also need to do customisation stuff, thus there it comes the SharePoint Designer, which is an IDE that is pretty similar to Visual Studio but it was made specifically for customising SharePoint files and templates. We’d also need the Sharepoint templates for Visual Studio in case we need to create our own Event receivers/ custom codings.


SharePoint Tips Utility Pack is a very useful set of tools to perform a series of actions in a few clicks. Also, WSPBuilder is used for easier deploying.

Update: 10th January 2010

I have been using Smartpart, which is similar to WSPBuilder. It creates the setup package for you which tidies out the deployment.

I am only getting started, will keep an update on this post whenever I come across new tools and utilities.

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