Daily Archive » 23 November 2009

Creating Custom Field Type in Sharepoint List

Sharepoint comes with a great GUI tool that allows administrator to create and manage data structure, that means we could create our own columns and set up the associations, etc. However, the default field types out from the box are limited. The great news is we could create our own field types with own business logic. I just tried to create a custom field type called “Phone Number”, which is a standard text field but with Javascript validator that validates the input string to be a valid phone number.

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Tools to get started on Sharepoint Development

I have been digging into SharePoint for awhile now and it seems to be more and more interesting and challenging, considering I already have experiences with so many different Content Management Systems. Suprisingly, SharePoint seems to work very similar to Helium, so that eased my process of going in and out of Sharepoint.

Here’s a list of tools to be installed first before any further development can proceed:

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